The Course

Extreme Adventure is made up of a 16 element ropes course


High Elements:

  • The Leap of Faith:  The goal is to jump from a 28 foot high platform and catch a trapeze.
  • Zip Line:  Take a 450 foot ride through the trees!
  • The Balance Beam:  Walk across a 12 foot beam, 30 feet off the ground.
  • The Dangling Duo:  With the help of a partner, climb a huge 30 foot swinging ladder.
  • Two Line Bridge: Walk across a 15 foot long wire, 35 feet off the ground.
  • **All high elements use ropes and climbing equipment for safety**

Low Elements

  • Alpine Rescue: Simulated rescue operation
  • Mountain Tops:  Take your team from one platform to the next.
  • All Aboard:  How many people will fit on one platform?
  • Rebirth Tire:  Get your entire team through a tire that is 6 feet above the ground.
  • Triangle Tension Traverse:  Test your strength and balance.
  • Mohawk Traverse: Get your team from the beginning to the end, using only each other as you walk on wires.
  • The Wall:  Your whole group must get over the 15 foot wall.
  • Team Traverse:  Trade places on the wire with your partner; requires teamwork and balance.
  • Spiders Web:  Get your team through the spiders web, without waking up the spider.
  • Swinging Log:  Using balance and concentration, walk across the swinging log.
  • Nitro Crossing:  Use a swinging rope to get your team to the other side.
  • Wild Woozy:  Lean on your partner to walk on the wires as they widen.

Each unique element will serve to develop trust, communication, unity, and team-building within your group!

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